Whether it's deliberate DDoS attacks, or unintentional security threats from the likes of unauthorised devices, it's important to protect your organisation.

Security threats continue to grow, develop and adapt apace. As threats become more sophisticated, so do the security systems that protect against them. The attacks are changing however. As companies move further into the Cloud, we are increasing numbers of attacks on endpoints, mobile devices and authentication as a way to access corporate networks.


In a recent report, Symantec identified that while spam volume is dropping, web-based attacks are up 23% and that 1 in 392 emails contain a phishing attack.

At First Consulting Group we understand that ensuring high level security across your organisation isn’t as simple as ticking boxes. Each scenario is different and requires a solution that can adapt to new threats as they occur. The ability to react to new security challenges as they happen is vital in protecting your organisation at every level.

Ensuring that you implement a security policy requires working with a company you trust. A company that already understands your infrastructure and your business needs, and one that delivers these services to a high standard each day, every day - a trusted partner like First Consulting Group.


Our managed security service sits as an integrated layer within your infrastructure. Whether you need to protect the data centre, your applications, networks, your mobile fleet or all elements of the environment, our integrated security layer affords you the best protection whatever cyber space throws at you.

We start by working with you to develop or review your existing security policy. We assess what technology you have in place against what you need. We then undertake a threat identification process and assessment to define the level of threat against your organisation and to define your weaknesses. Whether that’s an unpatched server or a password set to default. We then make tailored recommendations appropriate to each layer of your infrastructure that needs protecting.

We don’t just do this once however. We recommend a six-monthly healthcheck to ensure that the policy and approach remains up-to-date and provides the visibility and control needed.

Our layered approach looks at all elements of the environment, whether you need protection at the perimeter, application level, end-point or even for mobile devices.